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Summer Volunteer Deborah from Taiwan

​“I realized I haven’t done enough after working for Hong Kong Smart Team,” Deborah humbly admitted this was the biggest lesson she learnt during the 3-month program. Having a mission fire for the Middle East, she was not entirely a stranger to the general work of Smart Team. Followed her pastor’s recommendation while she was unemployed at that time, Deborah grabbed the chance and refreshed herself through volunteering and STM.

​An Eye-opener to Missions
“I just thought I had done enough mission work by taking part in prayer meetings, STMs or sharing sessions.” Deborah described it a mind-blowing experience when she met up with MUD designer Shirley who made use of her leather crafting skills to bless a mission field. Deborah shared the same interest in leather-working but only took it as a pastime. Seeing that was a way, she confessed, “I really missed the point of connecting with missions every day.”
During her stay, Deborah made an appointment with Joe, the founder of OneLife Development, who was eager to share with her the concept of doing business for missions. “Joe’s missional visions impressed me most. As usual, we just thought missions were all about going and sending. However, we neglected the everyday livelihood that could be connected to missions. Every talent, skill or expertise has a place in missions. For instance, artistic design could be applied to package design for products or advertising,” said Deborah with a head full of new marketing ideas for missions. She used to work in marketing field with art and design.
Let No One Despise Your Youth
Never in her life learnt to paint, Deborah had to initiate a wall-painting with oil-based paints and paint brushes together with her team for a school in the Middle East at STM. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, she got an impression of “two hands holding a lump of soil with a seed popped up”. After that, a local co-worker, who received a scripture about sowing in a prayer before looking at Deborah’s work, came to tell her how the wall-painting carried such a prophetic meaning. It signified that these are not only hands from God, but hands from teachers who raise up refugee children with good soil which brings out manifold crop.
At a meeting while Deborah was playing drums, a pastor’s wife said a prophetic prayer for her that “whatever Deborah sings, play drums or is engaged in anything about creativity, there are prophetic insights inside.” Deborah was moved to tears because God has empowered her to work with faith in Taiwan and grow in confidence.
“Back home, I particularly have a burden on teens. I want to revive and inspire them. It is one of the reasons why I want to join Taiwan Smart Team. Teenagers can do a lot more. Besides, I want to keep sharing things about missions through media or other forms. It is an act of sowing in term of sharing and delivering.”
Within three months, Deborah has looked at her mission and ministry from a different point of view. “I can do a lot more!” she yelled out.
<![CDATA[Her Whole Body Smiling]]>Tue, 12 Sep 2017 07:29:00 GMThttp://ccmnglobal.org/stm-testimony/her-whole-body-smiling
-Summer Volunteer Joy from Taiwan
“Came to Hong Kong and took a journey to Japan…every time when people asked me, I would say I wanted to have a breakthrough in my life and get along well with God… and I did it.” Joy took the advice from her mom, a pastor of youth in Taiwan, to join the summer program in Hong Kong Smart Team in mid-June while her university summer break started. The volunteering and STM both helped shape the renewed soul of Joy. Being an introvert to keep any conversations short, Joy has now become a talkative person who enjoys sharing her encounter with God within two months.
Face No Makeup
It is typical for Taiwanese girls wearing makeup in their daily life. Joy adopted her makeup habit for more than 2 years. During STM in Iwate, Joy was asked by her team leader to have a break with cosmetics for a while. A week passed. Joy was upset. “Wanted to groom my brows and put on lipstick. I found myself too ugly to look at.” The team leader instructed Joy to have a quiet moment with God and ask God’s view on natural beauty. Never in her life has listened to God’s voice, Joy got a direct answer from God once she closed her eyes. She was inspired that “God who made everything fine in the world will never fail”. The answer touched her most. It was the very first time she ever talked to God and talked to Him in this way.
Voices Close to Ears
At the STM, Joy was prayed for an emotional healing while she submitted her emotions to God. In her prayer, she envisioned a maze and nothing else; a short while later, she saw a very straight road next to the maze. Jesus was over there waiting for her. The implication was very clear to Joy. “I focused all my heart on the maze and wondered where to go to find Jesus. But God indeed gave me a way. So close. Just next to it.” It has reinforced her confidence and sensitivity on listening to God’s voice.
Wounded Heart Got Healed
On the last night in Iwate, the Team prayed for the healing of the local co-worker, Hitan, who suffered from severe eczema for 26 years. Seeing the condition of the co-worker showed no sign of improvement after hours of prayers, Joy got an impression that God was intending to heal Hitan’s heart rather than the physical wound. Then Joy told Hitan through the last prayer, “Do you know God is the one who makes the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk? As He is, how couldn’t He heal you? For He has set His plan right.” After it, Hitan expressed that she got healed completely at heart and believed God would heal her in the right time. Back to Hong Kong after the trip, Joy received a message that Hitan’s wound at hand has been reducing in size.
A Walking Slogan
In Smart Team, Joy had lots of chances to meet up with different people and visit churches in different places. Missional messages from Ben or Kathy were her bonus. “They were building me up a mission-based foundation aglow with mission flame. Wherever I went to pay a visit, I deeply experienced what the slogan ‘One Body One Church’ really meant regardless of our nationalities or languages. I didn’t know what the slogan truly meant until I came here.”
Joy felt like being in a family when working for Smart Team. The family relationship extended all through the STM trip where a strong and one-on-one mentoring relationship between team leader and teammate derived from this family tree.
Couldn’t help smiling all the time during the interview, Joy added one more thing – “It’s worthwhile being here. I will recommend anyone around me join Smart Team for volunteering.”
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​One can go for STM alone or with their family members! A mother and a son joined Kyushu team to serve while another mother led a team to Macau and left her son to visit Radical City. They were fully rewarded from the STM.
An Entry Level
Carman, a practitioner of aromatherapy, has been serving in the worship team at her church. She did want to make a difference this year – “to re-ignite and stimulate my passion for missions while sowing mission’s seed into the heart of my boy”. She would like to make use of her profession to bless others. After beating down all her anticipation over the long journey with her son, she chose to go to a modern city, Kyushu, in Japan. As a mother, she did not want to “scare her 9-year-old boy away”. It was like an entry level this time, but later she would like to try out a backward country with her boy.

In face of the Kyushu trip, Chun Nok could say nothing but ran here and there with his Mom. “Boredom, Sleepiness and Being too energetic himself” were his fear to join STM. During the boring time in training, he memorized more than 90 songs printed in the STM handbook. It made him ready to entertain anyone or worship with the team any time with his small-sized guitar. With his Origami expertise, Chun Nok attracted the eyeballs of many children around him. One of the lessons he learnt was to share his wonderful works such as Fighter Aircraft, T-Rex or Rose, etc, with other children.
An Advanced Level
Jing Yi, the first-timer of CCMN STM, took a team to Macau. Born in Macau did give her credit, but it was more about her life progress as a prelude of receiving MTC training after STM. God taught her a lesson in the trip. “He did not mind my leading to a successful team, but a team with love and in good relationship. Only then would the team bring love to Macau.” It was not an easy lesson. However, the changes of teammates in attitude or team spirit, from a negligence of rules to waking up early and fasting for outreach without grudges, rewarded her most within the 8-day journey.
Joshua, Jing Yi’s 16-year-old son, knew too well that if he could take good care of himself, it was already an emotional support to his stressful Mom. He joined the team to Radical City where he got to know more families in Christ, played board games or dodgeball with teens. Joshua fell ill one day and got a quick recovery in 24 hours. Lying on bed resting, he did not miss his Mom a bit. For he was reminded in a biblical verse that “whoever serves in the military doesn’t get mixed up in non-military activities.” What an obedient soldier!
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​-Ka Wing from S. Thailand
 “Prayer is the key. It draws people to God who personally talks and gives blessings to people,” Ka Wing, the first-time leader, shared his secret of holding the team with commitment to one another.
For a whole year, Ka Wing has prepared his heart to take up the role of STM team leader. He asked God to interfere into the teamwork, protect his wellbeing and give him wisdom to lead.
When leading the team to Southern Thailand, before Ka Wing played the part of mediation, he either gathered his core team or played one-on-one to pray for teammates who were trapped into any situations. It worked well and resolved many conflicts and generational gaps because God answered their prayers soon and spoke to the individual for a shift of point of view or walking side by side with the “weak”. A team of commitment to one another was formed out of prayers.
Drawing close to the end of the journey, a teammate asked for an early leave to attend an interview set up in Hong Kong. Ka Wing was caught in a dilemma. “It was important to embrace the passion for commitment to the team while the teammate’s future lay before me.” Ka Wing asked the core team to make decision first and asked the teammate to call for a meeting welcoming the whole team for discussion. The whole team expressed their understanding, blessings and appreciation to the teammate. It touched the latter very much. The teammate went back to Hong Kong a bit earlier without regret. 

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- Elisha from S. Thailand team
“Just see us plant the seeds of love in their hearts even though we might not see the fruit right now. Maybe a couple of years we may see the fruit of the seed we planted along this mission trip,” said Elisha from US, aged 16, followed her friend to join STM for the first time to Southern Thailand. She particularly amazed at the kind-heartedness of local people whom she mistook them having a fiery temper as shown on TV.
Elisha felt that the best part of the mission trip was about people. “They are awesome. I felt like we are always in unity and together; just lifting each other up and taking care of each other…always being together, joking around each other, having fun, making the best out of situation.”
The team reached out to children by teaching English through games. Elisha’s favorite game was “Telephone” where the first person received an English sentence and passed it down to the line and figured out what it meant in the end.
Thinking back, she recalled the mission night made her clear of what she wanted to do for long term mission in future. “I want to study medicine in University and go out in missions.” It will take a long time to achieve what she wants but she started out well in STM.

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Pian & Flora from ME team
From training to sending ceremony, the ME team was led by Flora, the leader, and Pian, the vice-leader. Due to a passport problem, Flora could not go with the team. Pian took Flora’s place and led the team all through the trip.
Pian︰At that critical moment, I almost burst into tears and was extremely stressful to take Flora’s place, still thinking Flora could have shown up later over there.
At the departure hall, Flora was reluctant to see her team off. Too upset to say anything, she blamed herself more.
Pian: Teammates were supportive and proactive enough to do many things. They even took care of my emotional frustration. Since there were church leaders and a pastor in the team, they helped me a lot.

There was a saying kept coming into Flora’s mind, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”. God told her not to be too self-conceited.
Pian: I didn’t know how to lead. I sought opinion from church leaders; I confronted disagreement and resolved conflicts. As we were honest to one another, tensions were brought to an end.
Getting over from her inner struggle, Flora decided to walk with Pian and the team virtually. She called them twice a day. She would lend Pian an ear, comfort and encourage her till the end of the trip.
Pian: Many things I didn’t know how to handle. I depended on my teammates. It was the whole team working things out, not my leadership.
Flora followed the team up closely and went through their ups and downs, breakthroughs or life-changing moments with them. Most important of all, she witnessed the presence of God with the team.
Pian: Back then, I am willing to be STM team leader next time. 
<![CDATA[Expression of Love]]>Tue, 05 Sep 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://ccmnglobal.org/stm-testimony/expression-of-lovePicture
​- Licheng from ME team
Before departure to the ME, Licheng said, “I asked God to give me a deeper burden for the ME and move my heart, so that I have His love and compassion to carry it out”.
Return from the Me, Licheng said, “I have a burden for missions in the ME. I have been compelled to pray for the ME and local churches. I may either mobilize my church on missions in Taiwan or come back for STMs.”
On the land of the ME, refugee children grabbed Licheng’ heart. Assigned to teach classes, he developed a close relationship with these children. He was particularly impressed by a little boy who gave him a hug and a kiss whenever the boy saw him in classes. They got along well in classes.
While refugee children speak Arabic and understand no English, Licheng caught sight of an unsounded interaction. “They feel your love to them. When you are leaving, their natural emotions show how much they would miss you.” It is an expression of love without boundaries. 

<![CDATA[New Phase of Sticking Together]]>Sun, 03 Sep 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://ccmnglobal.org/stm-testimony/new-phase-of-sticking-togetherPicture
​-Pastor Andrew from ME team
“We were strangers at first, but glued together in face of challenges. The daily devotion and the debriefing time particularly strengthened our unity among teammates. We grew close to one another after two weeks,” said Pastor Andrew calmly.
The ME team faced a change of destination and leadership before departure. Those twists and turns did not affect Pastor Andrew a bit. “We went through an adventure together, building up trust, dependence and sense of unity. It was an inevitable drill for serving God.”
Back to Chicago, Pastor Andrew has two plans in mind. He would like to collaborate with other churches in form of Smart Team, as an advocate of missions and facilitator of STM for congregations. From the STM handbook, Pastor Andrew learnt about Coachnet. He would like to learn more about it through the model of Taiwan and Hong Kong. He thinks it is a good idea to help local pastors walking out of their bottlenecks. After all, he has started writing his doctorate dissertation based on the study of the development strategy of small and medium sized churches in the Midwest. It seems a new phase of sticking together with churches for Pastor Andrew has begun.

<![CDATA[Keep Blessing the Same Place]]>Fri, 01 Sep 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://ccmnglobal.org/stm-testimony/keep-blessing-the-same-placePicture
​- Wing from Myanmar
“Two years ago, those orphans were still children; now, they are teenagers who are leading worships and holding meetings. The growth moved me deeply,” said Wing who have been to Myanmar for 7 times and leading teams for 5 times.
Wing made up her mind to keep going back to Myanmar since her first-time STM. In Myanmar, there was no CCMN missionary to facilitate the intercommunication between the host and the teams, so it is helpful for someone who has been there to take up the role of team leader. Besides, it is her call to do orphan ministry. As the host pastor has initiated a platform to connect all minor churches, orphanages and village ministries, it is easy for STM teams to partner with them. Moreover, Wing firmly believes that the concept of STM is different from the consumerism behind any travel adventures. It should bring blessings and assistance, rather than hurt to the locals.

“Every time when simple-minded villagers ardently invited STM teams to visit again, some teammates nodded out of courtesy. When villagers were expecting the same team to come again, another new team came. Villagers were somehow disappointed,” Wing explained. She did not quite know the situation until local leaders felt safe to tell her. After all she had been there for many times and local people found her trustworthy. Since then, she learnt the wisdom to handle it.
Wing remembered the host pastor connected with 20 units for the first year; up to now 42 units under his network. “I could witness the change and the development since I have kept coming back. Once a village ministry was started by a STM team. Villagers could have Sunday service every week after that. But before it, local leaders did not know how villagers would react to the setup and dared not doing it.”
This well-experienced leader challenged her teammates to form DIYs and keep going back like her. Some teammates are going to the April DIY trip to Myanmar next year and help minister children who will be enjoying the local summer holidays.
<![CDATA[Grabbing the Chance for Healing]]>Wed, 30 Aug 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://ccmnglobal.org/stm-testimony/grabbing-the-chance-for-healing3707080Picture
​“It reinforced my faith. God's healing can take place to ordinary people. It is by God's power not our own power,” firmly said Jeshurun whose team experienced miracles and signs in Bangladesh.
Coming from a mission-minded family from Malaysia, Jeshurun saved up time and money for this first STM with his wife, Rachael while his parents set off to David City at the same time. His father, Pastor Malcolm, has been a mission mobilizer for years in the church. No wonder there is a saying, like father like son.
Jeshurun followed his team to a village where he prayed with great faith for two sick people, one with a stroke and another with back and arm pain. They got healed completely and joyfulness instantly came up on their faces.
Going into a faraway village where there was no hospital, Rachael had a soft spot on a fevering child whose granny was handicapped. She and her team didn’t stop praying for this little one for an hour until the fever was gone in the end. “I was really touched by God’s miraculous healing to the child and the family,” said Rachael compassionately.
What this Malaysian group did was even greater. Jeshurun recalled, “Our teammate, Pastor Rose from Malaysia as well, had a feeling on the last day of the trip. He wanted us to pray for the healing and revival of the land in Bangladesh out of poverty.” This was how prayers took them wonder by wonder.